Here is a question.  Do you think the reason that there is SO much trash on the ground, is because they have to use these things?


Well, after MUCH time off AND being sick AND feeling guilty about writing and not writing on this blog (there were other things involved, too) …I am back!!! 🙂  Where do I begin?  I’ve lost track of where I was and what I was writing about, even what I was thinking of writing.   I haven’t really been doing a lot with myself.  I’ve been trying to work on projects that Prabal has given me.  A couple for Kickstarter…one that was denied and the other, well, I’m just a bit shy about turning it in.  There are so many “what ifs” with it…well, the big “WHAT IF” is:  What if I do and it gets funded”?  Maybe that is what scares me most.  I am still debating the whole Kickstarter thing…( for those of you who don’t know what Kickstarter is :     http://www.kickstarter.com     (It’s a site that allows people to ask for money for an unfinished project or a project that you’d like to see become a reality, from people who will “sponsor” you for it.  Take a peek at it, it’s interesting. 🙂 ).  I’m also trying to re-learn photoshop (but very slowly – lack of motivation.  I actually think that I had a brain overload – meaning, there is so much to do…I just didn’t do anything.)  So,  what I will be working on is my blog, drawing again…using colored pencils (it’s on of the things I brought with me from the U.S. – my stash of art supplies), and playing my flute again.  One thing at a time for at least an hour a day…I can do this.  Get my creative juices flowing, once again :P.








1 Response to “Back!!!”

  1. January 21, 2011 at 5:15 pm

    Well, high there stranger…welcome back. Those pictures are cool…presume they are for trash? Here in the USA we’d put plastic bags inside to make emptying them easier. Probably not gonna happen in India. Two out of the box ideas: build a base for each with a lever that would allow opening at the bottom into a slide that could funnel the load into the pick-up container or, two, make them fireproof, put a certain abount of incense in and periodically burn it empty. The incense would kill the smell and make it sort of entertaining, I ghink. Anyway…love the look of them.

    Hey, as for the kick-starter thing…just think of your ideas as questions that everyone would like an answer to. If you get the money, you can answer the questions you and the grantor have: Will this work. No matter what the answer, you succeed…

    Best to all. See ya,


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