Here is a question.  Do you think the reason that there is SO much trash on the ground, is because they have to use these things?


Well, after MUCH time off AND being sick AND feeling guilty about writing and not writing on this blog (there were other things involved, too) …I am back!!! 🙂  Where do I begin?  I’ve lost track of where I was and what I was writing about, even what I was thinking of writing.   I haven’t really been doing a lot with myself.  I’ve been trying to work on projects that Prabal has given me.  A couple for Kickstarter…one that was denied and the other, well, I’m just a bit shy about turning it in.  There are so many “what ifs” with it…well, the big “WHAT IF” is:  What if I do and it gets funded”?  Maybe that is what scares me most.  I am still debating the whole Kickstarter thing…( for those of you who don’t know what Kickstarter is :     http://www.kickstarter.com     (It’s a site that allows people to ask for money for an unfinished project or a project that you’d like to see become a reality, from people who will “sponsor” you for it.  Take a peek at it, it’s interesting. 🙂 ).  I’m also trying to re-learn photoshop (but very slowly – lack of motivation.  I actually think that I had a brain overload – meaning, there is so much to do…I just didn’t do anything.)  So,  what I will be working on is my blog, drawing again…using colored pencils (it’s on of the things I brought with me from the U.S. – my stash of art supplies), and playing my flute again.  One thing at a time for at least an hour a day…I can do this.  Get my creative juices flowing, once again :P.









I’ve been lazy, I know it.  You’d think I was never on vacation (a family vacation took place about 2 weeks ago – it was excellent – will post pics and stories next :P)…so what is my problem?  I’m being LAZY!!!!  How do I beat this???  I guess one line at a time.  I really do like writing.  I like reading.  What I seem to do most often,  is look at fricken FaceBook!!!  Why do I do this???  It’s not like there is anything totally riveting which keeps me sitting on the edge of my chair.  I KNOW this!  I will do better, I will do better, I will do better!!!  I have stuff to write about, it’s getting it done. 🙂  DO IT!!!! 😀  GOING TO!!!!  NOW!!!!


Been A While…

Well, I am back.  Back writing and back in India.  I was back in the US for about 6 months, in California this time.  I found out there, that it is not so easy to find a job.  I am talking about just a cruddy job.  I was happy to receive it, since it took me two months just to get one reply and at the same time, an interview – by phone!  (I accepted the job – as a merchandiser – working nights at Safeway Supermarkets – re-merchandising their freezers).  Here are some highlights of the job:

#1.   No one wanted to get to know you.  (I guess the turnover rate was so high, they all were surprised I stuck around).

#2.  Being “new” automatically made me “slow”.  (No matter how hard I worked – they just thought I was slow).

#3.  Harassment!  (The “supervisor” was from another company, and would intimidate the “new/newer” employees, saying that the project is easy – it should be done within an hour – various things she would say, all meaning the same thing.  Then, “Why aren’t YOU done!?”  I finally took up this sentence:  “I will do my best”.  After a few times saying this, she left me alone – sort of.  The others kept getting harassed).

#4.  The faster you work, the faster they sent you home.  Come on!  Where is the good in that?!  I had to drive out of my way, and you are sending me home at 2am?!  (Work started at 10pm).  I needed the money…the only people she would keep, were the “old timers”. Talking about favoritism!

The only thing good about the job was, I got a little money and it kept me busy.  Would I ever work that job again?  HELL NO!  I could see it if the people were interesting – they weren’t.  At lunch, they would all stand around in a circle, and basically stare at each other.  Anyway, it was a learning experience.  🙂



Time is just flying by.  I have just three more days to pick up some spices and some last minute gifts, before I head out.  Once I arrive in the US, I will hang around Santa Fe for about a week (I have to pick up my meager things that Lynn so graciously stored), spend time with friends, pick up my dog and then head to California (Elkgrove to be specific). There, I will send off all of the paperwork for Prabal’s Visa’s.  I say Visa’s because I will send off a K Visa (spouse) to try to get him here, while his Immigrant visa is being processed. I do hope that everything works out right, so that Prabal can come and see the US.  If not, I will most likely work like a dog for the next six months…or so, then head back to India 😛  Lets just hope they grant him his Visa. *crosses fingers*



Only five more days until I fly out of here.  I will be in the US for about 3-6 months.  I do want to miss the summer here, because it does get much worse.  It’s only 102 right now..although on one weather forecast, it says it’s raining.  Yep…clear skies all around! OH!  I LOVE this what one weather forecast has said:  “Sultry and discomfort weather”, NICE!  I think they are talking about the temperatures moisture as being sultry…hehehee…66% today.

Well, I could use a little coolness and some “spring” time.



Festival of colors…so they say.  This is a day that has been dreaded every year, by my new family.  When I asked “Have you EVER played holi?”  the answer was no.  I then asked, “Why do you think this is such a bad day, then?” the reply was…”Everyone says so”.  Hmmmmm…

Luckily, a couple of years ago, I had asked Prabal that when I was there when holi was being played, if he would play with me.  (I also asked him last year, when he said that it was “holi”).  He told me yes…because of course, he thought I would never be there at the time of holi.  HA HA HA!  He almost freaked when he realized that holi was going on while I was here.  He tried to scamper out of it…but I held him to his word and told him…”You have to play holi at least ONCE in your life!”  I made arrangements to play holi with Tota and her family, which has a nice rooftop flat with a large terrace.  Perfect for holi play ;).

Tota reaking havoc!

For holi, you don’t want to wear your best clothes…the colors tend to stain and may possibly ruin them.  I wore my best bad salwar kameez/churidad for holi.  I had a lot of fun here…I think Prabal did too.

Prabal's first holi, too 🙂

adding more color to Tota

Tota wanted sooo much color, she started adding it to herself!

This is all you see on the “footpath”  is color!!!!


There is a family, that I have talked to – well, sort of – on my walk to work.  They have a tea stand and have given Scoots (our rescued pup) biscuits whenever we pass by.  I took a photo of them while they were playing holi and they shared their color and painted me too…

Tea stand family

Ran into more people playing holi:

Those innocent looking girls colored me too!

…and this is what we ended up looking like:

nice mix of colors!

It was a nice Sunday to play… and a great first time!  (Just a little stain of color – that’s all 😉 )



Some of you know, Prabal is not coming back to the US with me.  He applied for an tourist/business visa, and got denied.  That was a real blow.  I even went into the US Consulate, and tried to have them revoke the denial.  I knew that there was a “chance” of them denying him his visa, but I thought we had all of the paperwork in good order and he was prepared.  It turned out, they were/are afraid of him staying in the US after his visa runs out.  The Consulate officer kept telling me that we need to apply for an immigrant visa.  Prabal doesn’t want to immigrate!    I even asked the officer “What happens when my husband just spends 6 months in the US and then comes back to India?”  He told me, “You will just have to deal with that, when that happens”.  You see, I thought that if you “immigrated” , you couldn’t leave the US for about 5 years.  There was NO way Prabal would ever go for that.  I was wrong!  I’m educating myself and Prabal on the immigration “stuff” (I’m still learning).  There is a TON of paperwork, a TON of running around and a TON of things that we have to do to “prove” that we married out of love, not convenience.

Anyhow, I will be coming back to the US on the 30th.  A LONG trip ahead of me and no one to share it with 😦 . Again! 😦 .

Trying to get all of the paperwork together before I leave, is the real challenge!

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